Michigan Lottery Bonuses: $100 welcome bonus offer

These are the Michigan Lottery best bonuses for .

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Michigan Lottery Bonuses: Top 3

  • Welcome Offer – $100 bonus after matching the first deposit at 50% + free chances applicable on Treetop Treasures
  • Daily Spin to Win – $5000 each month in the form of entry prizes, in-store coupons, online coupons
  • Let’s Play Giveaway – $5000 cash prize for one player + 50 x $100 in-store coupons for free play

How to get the available bonuses by registering with the Michigan Lottery promo code

The process of registration with Michigan Lottery begins with:

  • Entering into the home page from a mobile and desktop browser
  • Click the ‘Register’ button in the top right corner
  • This will initiate the signup process where account and personal information should be entered
  • Finally, accept the terms and conditions to open the account

Michigan Lottery Bonuses – Full List

Welcome Offer: Free chances on Treetop Treasures + Bonus up to $100 after a 50% match

A new player will be eligible to receive a welcome offer, which gives free chances on the Instants game – Treetop Treasures. Furthermore, a player will also receive up to $100 in bonuses once their first deposit is matched at 50%.

Bonus Terms

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A new player gets the opportunity to win free chances on Treetop Treasures along with a $100 bonus, which is available by matching the first deposit at 50%.

  • Bonus game ticket prices are accessible only 24 hours after making the initial deposit
  • This bonus is applicable when the first deposit is made using Online Game Card
  • The credit bonus cannot be exchanged for cash
  • The player must make a minimum deposit of $10 to avail this bonus
  • This offer is open only for Michigan residents
  • A player has to be at least 18 years old to qualify for this offer
  • Only a single deposit will qualify for the offer and multiple deposits cannot be accumulated into a first deposit

Daily Spin to Win: Opportunity to win giveaways and free plays by initiating the daily spins.

This offer will be able to provide the option to win entry prizes, in-store free play, and online free play. This will be in the form of cash prizes, giveaways, coupons, and more.

Bonus Terms

An existing player gets the opportunity to spin a wheel daily to pick up entry prizes, in-store free play, or online free play. The enterprises are automatically credited to the account, while in-store prizes can be redeemed through coupons. The online free play bonuses will be funded directly to the account.

  • Only one spin is allowed per day
  • Only one prize can be picked up by an account holder per day
  • Each Wheel Prize has a value of less than $1000
  • If the player does not get a Wheel Prize, they will pick up the Giveaway Prize

Let’s Play Giveaway

This bonus gives out a $5000 cash prize for one player, while 50 players will receive a $100 coupon for in-store free play.

Bonus Terms

A select list of lottery games will provide access to a giveaway contest, which provides a top prize of $5000 cash for one player. This will be followed by 50 more players receiving an in-store coupon for free play that is worth $50.

  • A player receives one entry form each entitled game
  • The maximum entries are limited to fifteen per player for a month
  • List of eligible games change every month
  • All participants who have qualified for the offer will receive notification
  • A player must be 18 years and above to qualify for the offer
  • A player must be a resident of Michigan to avail the offer

Instant Game Family

This bonus hands a player with the opportunity to win up to $2 million on the Lucky 7’s games.

Bonus Terms

The family of Lucky 7’s games will be used to hand out prize amounts from $5000 to $2 million.

  • All games have a similar feature
  • Entry ticket is from $1 to $20

Gaming Options at Michigan Lottery

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A player can access an arsenal of more than 200 titles at Michigan Lottery and 90 of these titles will be available for an online user. The rest of the titles are accessible in-store. Most of the online titles belong to the Instants category with a few other options belonging to Second Chance, Keno, Draw, and Fast Cash.


The Instants offered by Michigan Lottery are similar to the scratch-off titles with the only difference being that these are electronic variants. Instead of a physical ticket, users will be receiving the information on a graphical interface. However, there is no difference in the style of play. The gameplay is all about matching certain prize amounts or certain symbols so that a user can get prizes. The popular choices in this category would be Home Run Riches Online, Queen of Diamonds, Instant Football Payout, and Cashword. It is possible to come across titles that can return millions or just $100, as the entry tickets are quite flexible.


This is a perfect option for a lottery-style experience. These games involve the purchase of a ticket which will give access to choosing 10 numbers. Depending on the ticket cost and choice of numbers, a player will be eligible to claim wins. Even though there are only four options in this category, the maximum possible win would be $500,000.


These are incredibly popular due to the the opportunity to yield sizeable returns due to jackpots.The options like Powerball, Mega Millions, and Fantasy 5 are a few of the popular choices.

Our Michigan Lottery Review: Plenty of Options

Michigan Lottery is unlike a regular online casino, but it still comes with a string of bonus offers and cash prizes that can help make a huge difference. The biggest advantage of Michigan Lottery is the availability of games designed to suit different requirements and wagering limits. It is crucial to pick up as many bonuses from the operator as possible, as users will be profiting later with free chances to play. On many occasions, a promo code would be a great way to experience the different gaming facets on offer and the Michigan Lottery promo code is no different.