PA Lottery Bonus Code 2021: Up to $500, Enter * LOTTOPA *

The Pennsylvania Lottery has a website full of exciting games that will fulfill your desires even when you are not at their retail locations. You can check out their promotions below.

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Bonus & Offers details
  • First Deposit Match: Earn a 100% Deposit Bonus, Up to $500 Bonus Money on your first deposit.
  • Grumpy Monday: Earn 20% Cashback – Worth up to $100 Bonus Money
  • Daily Promotions: Details On Site

The total amount of the player’s Deposit Bonus award will be communicated to the player via electronic mail to the email address associated with the iLottery player’s account within 3 business days of the end of the promotional period and will be credited to the player’s account within 3 business days of the end of the promotional period. Additional T&C's apply. 

Expires on: 31-12-2021
Last check: 2 days ago

PA Lottery Bonus Code: Welcome Offers & Promotions

PA iLottery OffersWelcome Bonuses ()PA Lottery Bonus Code
First Deposit Match Earn a 100% Deposit Bonus Up to $500 Bonus Money LOTTOPA
Grumpy Monday Earn 20% Cashback - Worth up to $100 Bonus Money LOTTOPA
Pennsylvania Payout $75,000 Prize Draw LOTTOPA
Daily Promotions Details On-Site LOTTOPA

How to Register to PA Lottery: A Quick Guide 

Before you can get your bonus, you must create an account at PA’s website. The form you must fill out is pretty straightforward. In it, they will ask you to fill out your:

  • full name
  • e-mail address
  • date of birth
  • phone number
  • Gender
  • country of residence
  • Strong password
  • Two security questions

There is also a field where you can provide a bonus code. If you have it, you should use it to get access to their welcome bonus.  The information you provide must be correct because if it isn’t, you wouldn’t be able to withdraw any of your future winnings. In the form, you will also be asked to check some boxes:

  • You verify that you are 18 years or older and that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions.
  • You confirm that the information you filled in the form is accurate. Also, you can’t be an officer or employee of the Lottery or their subcontractors.
  • You acknowledge that you know you can’t give your account to anyone for any reason.
  • The last two boxes are optional. One is for agreeing to receive the Special Offer E-mails. The other one is for agreeing to receive no more than three Special Offer text messages per day to the phone number you provided in the form.
  • Enter the PA Lottery Bonus Code

Welcome Bonuses – Get Up to $500 

The PA Lottery’s welcome bonus is pretty standard – a 100% match bonus to your first deposit. While you may have seen this welcome offer in other lotteries, it has an additional twist that may change your mind about the conventionality of the bonus. You will also get a $5 gift, and if you are lucky, you might turn these $5 into $500.

  • You have to be a new client with a fresh account
  • If you fail to use your bonus code during the registration don’t worry, you will get one more chance once you make your first deposit
  • The only people who can play on the website are the ones who are in Pennsylvania
  • The bonus is only for the site, and you can’t use it in any of the physical lottery locations
  • First, you must deposit a minimum of $10 to qualify for the bonus
  • It doesn’t matter how much you deposit except the minimum requirement. The only sum that will be matched is up to $500. Anything above that will not count towards your bonus
  • To get to withdraw your earnings, you must bet your bonus at least ten times

Other promotions for consistent clients and their T&C’s 

There are also offers extended to regular clients. The daily promotions are available for each of the seven days of the week. Here are some of them:

The Big Benjamins Prize Draw 

Every Monday you and ninety-nine more people have the chance to win $100. In the final week of the month, the prize you can win increases to $10,000. The terms and conditions of this offer are: 

  • To qualify for this bonus, you must deposit a minimum of $25 for entry. 
  • To enter every Monday, you must click on the “Claim” button on your My Bonuses page.
  • The $10,000 winners must pay state and federal taxes and intercepts according to law.
  • To withdraw your winnings (except the $10,000) you must wager them x5 times. For example, if you win $100 Bonus Money, you are required to place $500 in wagers. 
  • The promotional period is every Monday from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM.
  • Only the 100 winners of the $100 prize are eligible to win the grand prize of $10,000.

Text Ya Tuesday 

Tuesdays are reserved for people who have agreed to receive text messages with promotional offers.  The texts are free, but data and standard text message rates may apply, depending on your carrier. Check for more information with your mobile operator.

If you haven’t checked the text message box, don’t get discouraged. All you have to do is go to My Account, select the Contact Preferences menu, and check the boxes (e-mail and text) next to “Special Offers” to receive coupons and promo information. Don’t forget to click “UPDATE” before exiting the page.

You may get texts with different offers, for example, cashback on a specific game, free bonus money or a match bonus to a deposit.

The Wizard of all Wednesday 

Every Wednesday you get a 20% Cashback Bonus of up to $100 for the three most popular games on the website:


Weekend e-mail Special 

Just for being an e-mail subscriber to the Lottery you get a promotional e-mail every Thursday. Some of the offers you may get are 10%-100% Deposit Bonus, 50% Cashback on a specific game or $5 Free Bonus Money. To be included for the day you must subscribe before 05:00 AM on a Thursday.

Jungle Tumble Friday and Lucky Sunday 

These 20% Cashback bonuses are for the games Jungle Tumble (on Fridays) and Lucky You! (on Sundays). The terms and conditions for these offers are:

  • Log in to your account and claim the bonus from the My Bonuses page
  • Deposit a minimum of $25 to qualify for the 20% Cashback on the Jungle Tumble game
  • At the end of the promotion, you will get a Cashback Bonus of up to $100 Bonus Money
  • You must play-through your bonus five times to be able to withdraw it.
  • The period of the promotion is Fridays and Sundays from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM.

Surprise Saturday 

Different percentage surprise bonus every Saturday. The bonuses can be Cashback, Free Bonus Money, or Deposit Bonus.

Most Popular Games

The PA Lottery site has quite a variety of games that members can play, as you can see, but we wanted to highlight some of the more popular and exciting games that this site supports. Each of the games mentioned below operates a little bit differently from one another, and it is up to you for what kind of game you’d like to play.

Treasure Hunt – Draw Games

As one of the more popular draw games on the PA Lottery site, Treasure Hunt is one that many members enjoy for several different reasons. First and foremost, this game does not work like any traditional lottery draw. Instead, while you are watching the draw be made live, you will see treasure chests be selected at random. The numbers will actually pop out of the treasure chests in this game, and given this animation, it certainly puts a nice spin on the traditional way that a lottery works.

This game is available to play once every single day, and the jackpot prize actually starts at $10,000. This shows that while the game might be more enjoyable than your average lottery game, it is also not short on maximum payouts either. This is by far one of the best draw games that PA Lottery has.

$1,000,000 Extreme Cash – Scratchcards

As you can see from the title of this scratch card game, $1,000,000 Extreme Cash is definitely one of the most rewarding scratchcards on the site. Of course, since the game is so rewarding, you do need to send a little bit more to actually purchase one of these scratchcards. The cost of doing so is $20 right now, but then you do have the chance to win 1 million dollars by making this investment. We should reiterate that this is extremely unlikely, but there is always the possibility, and after all, somebody has to win the grand prize.

There are actually 5 scratchcards with these top prizes available, and if you do not get the grand prize, there are several other cash prizes within this game. These start at $100, and there are actually multipliers of up to 20x contained within the symbols, which adds a nice degree of excitement to go with the potential of winning a decent amount of cash.

Hot and Cold Numbers – Scratchcards

Here we have another PA Lottery scratchcard game, and the maximum prize you can win here is $50,000, which is clearly significantly less than the $1,000,000 available on the previous game. With that being said, you can purchase a ticket for the hot and cold numbers scratchcard game for just $3, which is significantly cheaper than the $20 required on the other game. This game operates in quite an interesting way as well, which is why we have listed it as one of the most popular games.

The rows are actually divided up into hot and cold numbers, and there are fire and ice symbols that go along with this. If you scratch-off and see an ice symbol in your row, you will automatically receive the prize that is shown. If you scratch-off and see a fire symbol, you can get a multiplier of up to three times the available payout. This is where the hot and cold theme comes into play, and for the maximum prize of this scratchcard game, there are ten $50,000 prizes available.

Fast Cash Fever – Fast Play

As we have mentioned previously, the fast cash games are where you can play a scratchcard style game, yet the numbers will be automatically shown once you click a button. This is where the name comes from in the first place, as it is much quicker to reveal what the prize is, and to see if you have won with these games. Now, what’s also quite cool about this section is that PA Lottery has progressive jackpot games. These work exactly as a progressive video slot does, meaning that a portion of each ticket purchased will be added onto the grand prize if nobody actually wins It.

With Fast Cash Fever, the progressive jackpot prize is more than $700,000 at the time of writing. You do need to purchase a ticket for $20 to take part in this game, but with such a huge prize on offer, it is definitely one of the more enticing fast play games on the PA Lottery platform.

Derby Cash – Xpress Sports

You may not have thought it for a lottery site, but virtual sports betting has really taken off with PA Lottery. There are two main sections for virtual sports right now, and this includes horse racing as well as motor car racing. For the purposes of the more popular of the two, we wanted to highlight Derby Cash right here. This is specifically for virtual horse racing on the platform, and with races taking place every 4 minutes, you are never left without a decent number of options.

It’s particularly cool that when you do bet on a virtual sport, you can then watch the race as it is run on a computer simulation. Every single race that takes place involves 12 thoroughbred horses, and each of the horses has different odds, just like they would for a real-life horse race. You can also view past results to get an indicator of what horse might be in some kind of form.  After considering this, you simply need to choose your horse, enter your stake, then see if you have backed a winner while the race unfolds. You do not need to download anything to live stream any of these virtual races, as everything has been built into the PA Lottery platform.

PA Lottery Unique Features

The great thing about PA Lottery is that it isn’t just like any other lottery site. It has clearly made efforts to distinguish itself by adding unique features, which is precisely what we’ve discussed in the information below.

Xpress Sports

Xpress Sports is definitely a unique element of the PA Lottery site, and it is basically a section that allows you to bet on virtual sports races. These races take place every four minutes on the site, and they are in operation 24 hours a day. There are two different forms of racing supported by PA Lottery, which are horse racing and car racing. Basically, once you’ve bet on one of the races, you’ll then watch a pretty realistic simulation of the event.

Just like real-life sports betting, you’ll see odds presented before the race begins, and you can then make your wagers based on these odds. There are even previous form statistics so that you can make a more informed decision, and just like real sports betting, the favorite doesn’t always emerge victorious. Of course, this isn’t quite like the real thing, but it’s as close as you are going to get for a lottery site.

Fast Play

If you’re wondering exactly what this category entails, PA Lottery describes them as scratchcard style games, but where you don’t actually need to scratch off the numbers. Essentially, you are purchasing a scratchcard to enter the game, and then you can simply click a button to reveal all of the numbers or symbols behind the greyed out areas. By just clicking this button, you will then reveal all of the symbols and potential winnings, and of course, you will then see if you have actually won a prize too.

Some people prefer fast play as they can participate in multiple games quickly, yet it does take away the feeling of actually ‘playing’ the game. It’s also quite easy to have purchased plenty of scratchcards without actually monitoring your bank balance, so do take a little extra caution if you choose to start engaging with the fast play options.

VIP Players Club

PA Lottery is one of the few lottery sites in the USA that actually has a VIP program. This is free to sign up to, and by making the choice to sign up, you will then gain access to extra promotions and other incentives. Besides the additional promotions that are available to all VIP members, you will get customized winning numbers for lottery draws, quicker withdrawals, additional games, and even extra coupons. Just to stress once more, this doesn’t cost you anything to sign up, and it doesn’t cost you anything to maintain either, so there’s no real reason not to try and take advantage of this.

Cash 4 Life Lottery

Have you ever wondered just what you would do if you won a large chunk of money with the lottery? Well, that’s where Cash 4 Life comes into play, for you will never need to worry what to do with such a lump sum here. In Cash 4 Life, the top prize for the winner is $1,000 a day for life, and the secondary prize is $1,000 per week for life. Needless to say, either prize would be completely life-changing, and this style of lottery game has completely reversed the traditional lottery way of playing.

This game has proved to be particularly popular with PA Lottery members, and understandably so. This game runs every single day on the PA Lottery platform too, and you can watch as the draw is streamed live from the relevant Cash 4 Life section. It really is quite an exciting game, and it has a cash ball that is separate from the main draw where there are additional prizes to be won.

Pool Play

You may have heard about this style of gaming before, but we wanted to bring it to your attention to how popular it has now become. In pool play games, you can actually enter with a bunch of friends, therefore you have an increased chance of winning since you will have multiple entries. The catch is that if anybody within your syndicate wins, you will need to split the winnings evenly with the other entrants. This is calculated directly on the PA Lottery site too, so this does provide a bit of a safety element too.

You may think that sharing the grand prize might not sound very appealing. However, if the maximum prize is $150 million and just 5 of you have entered, that’s $30 million each, which isn’t exactly a bad day by anyone’s standards.

PA Lottery FAQ: Key Information to Keep in Mind 

Is there an effective customer support setup?

Absolutely – the customer support team is on hand to deal with your inquiries 24 hours a day. You can call up the support network through a toll-free telephone number, or you may want to email the team. It is completely your choice, but it’s still good to know that you can get assistance around the clock. Failing that, there is quite a comprehensive FAQ section within the help center.

How can I check if I have won anything on the lottery games?

This is just one of the many benefits of using the PA Lottery online site, as you can check this by simply logging in. Back in the day, people would have to head out to a store to scan their ticket and see if they had won anything, but that’s no longer necessary. If you have bought a ticket from a store, you might like to know that you can then scan the ticket through the mobile app, making things even more convenient!

Is there a way to get extra bonuses with PA Lottery?

Yes, there is. As great as the platform is for welcome offers and existing player offers, PA Lottery had another way for members to get some nice rewards. The site has its very own VIP program, where you will get $5 in free play just for signing up. After you have taken the plunge and signed up, you can enjoy extra bonuses such as cash back incentives, deposit boosts, and more.

Q: How can I deposit or withdraw my funds?

A: You need to access the Cashier menu. It is in the “My Profile” page. Almost all current e-wallets and payment options are available. 

Q: Is the website legal?

A: Yes, it is. A player must be 18 or older to open an account or play games on the website.

Q: Does PA Lottery have a mobile app?

A: Yes, they do. You can download it directly from the website. It has a lot of the features the site has. 

Q: Does PA Lottery have a Welcome Bonus?

A: Yes, they have a popular welcome bonus, you can read all about it in the article above.

Q: Is the sign-up process free?

A: Yes, the registration process is free, but if you want to play any games, take advantage of their bonuses or participate in the drawings, you have to deposit funds to your account.

Q: Where can I play from?

A: You can only play from Pennsylvania, but it is not necessary to be a citizen of the state.

Q: Is there a promo code I could use?

A: Yes, you can enter our exclusive PA Lottery Bonus Code LOTTOPA

Quality of PA Lottery’s Platform: A Closer Look 

Simplicity is vital in the design and quality of the PA Lottery’s platform. You can enjoy your games ad-free and find everything you are looking for in the easy-to-use platform.

Ergonomy: Pretty Easy to Navigate 

The website is pretty easy to navigate. There is a lot of marketing information on their home page. You can read about previous winners, the history of the Lottery or their latest projects. There is also a search option for anything you can’t locate right away. You have the main menu on the top from which you can access the iLottery page by clicking the “Play Online” button above the promotional banner. Once you are directed to the iLottery page, you can find all the games they offer. 

Games: A Wide Array of Slots Games 

PA Lottery has a wide array of slots games you could choose from. Their collection consists of forty-three titles. Among the most popular are:

  • The Wizard of OZ
  • GoldFish
  • Lucky You!
  • Monster Wins
  • Jungle Tumble
  • Pennsylvania Payout

Their newest addition is “Prospector’s Gold,” and it has gained a lot of attention from users. They also have eleven draw games, a collection of Scratch-Off games, Keno, Fast Play Games, and an Xpress Sports (live) section.

Customer Service Quality 

The website’s Player Support Team is available 24 hours a day. They also have a very detailed Help Center. In it, you can find questions relating to the rules of the games, payment options, promotions, general account questions, and more. There are also three other ways to contact them if you can’t find your answer in the Help Center:

PA Lottery has made getting help a lot easier. They have numerous ways to find the information you need. Their Help center is full of questions in several different categories, such as:

  • Rules of their games
  • Payment options
  • Promotions
  • General account questions
  • Geolocation
  • Responsible Gaming / Self-Exclusion
  • Troubleshooting

If you still have trouble resolving the problem, they have a Player Support Team standing by 24/7 to help in any way they can.  You can contact them via:

  • E-mail, 
  • Phone number
  • Live Chat, through the website’s platform. 

Also, on their website, you can find a contact for a Problem Gambling Helpline. The company also has accounts with major social media such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Banking Options 

There are no transfer costs for all transactions. If you wish to get your winnings, you must first complete a “Claim Form.” You can find it on their website. 

Deposit limits 

  • ACH Direct Transfer (e-check) – no limits
  • Credit / Debit Card (VISA/Mastercard) – no limit on debit cards, but they have a $1,000 limit for credit cards per 24 hours
  • PayPal – no limit
  • PA Lottery Play+ Account – the limit is the max balance for the account ($25,000)
  • iLottery WebCash (voucher) – $1,000 per transaction
  • PayNearMe (CVS Pharmacy, 7-Eleven, ACE Cash Express or Family Dollar Location) – no limit

Withdrawals limits 

  • PayPal Account – $10,000
  • PA Lottery Play+ Account – $25,000
  • ACH Direct Transfer – no limits

PA Lottery’s Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness 

Mobile Application 

The company has a mobile application available for Android and iOS users. The Lottery’s games are the first mobile and online gambling products available in the state of Pennsylvania. Like most gaming platforms, you can find the iOS app in the official App Store, but the Android app can be downloaded from the website directly.  The app is available only for users who have iOS version 6 or above and Android 4.0 and above. There are no special promotions for the mobile app but you can still enter the PA Lottery Bonus Code. 

Mobile Website 

The design of the mobile website is also convenient and simple. Playing the games on your mobile is easy and doesn’t put unnecessary strain on your device.  Of course, a better mobile experience is the app, because it loads faster and it is easy-to-use.

Scanning Tickets

If you have gone into a store and purchased a lottery ticket, you no longer need to go back to that store to scan it and see if you are a winner. This is one of the more convenient features of the PA Lottery mobile app, as you can actually scan your ticket directly from the app. All you need to do is scan the QR code to see if you are a winner, and the app will tell you if you have won anything at all. If you haven’t, the app will simply let you know that this isn’t a winning ticket, and all of this is certainly more convenient than having to travel out to the store.

Second-Chance Gaming

This is one of the best features of the PA Lottery site overall, as we love how easy the site has made it from the mobile app. In the world of second chance gaming, you have the ability to enter into another lottery draw if you didn’t win anything on the previous one. Essentially, this allows you to take two shots at winning without having to go and purchase another ticket for a different game. All you need to do is scan the code on your original ticket from the app, and you’ll automatically be entered into the second chance draw.

Locate Lottery Retailer

If you are out and about and you do feel like going to a store to purchase a lottery ticket, you can simply use this feature. By logging in and heading to the ‘locate lottery retailer’ section, you’ll be able to see all locations within a certain radius where you can go and buy a lottery ticket. This is convenient as you can be certain that every location shown is a verified seller of lottery tickets, and this is something that other GPS apps do not always follow through with. For example, you could be directed to a convenience store that might say that tickets are sold, but then once you arrive, you will be disappointed.

Mobile Website

Since the app is only available for iOS and Android, there is obviously no guarantee that your device will be compatible with the mobile app. If that is the case, you will need to sign in and enjoy the PA Lottery platform through the actual mobile website. This is optimized to fit a wide scale of mobile devices, and you can also access the site from tablets. The good thing about the mobile website is that you can enjoy the same welcome bonus, the same existing player promotions, and you can play across the entire selection of games.

The layout of the mobile website is very similar to the desktop counterpart, although we must say that the performance is not quite as satisfactory through the mobile site. On some occasions, the page might freeze and you will be required to refresh it, although this is usually only required one time. The only other complaint we would have is that it can take quite a while to load some pages, although this seems to depend on how many features are actually present on any particular page.

Final Thoughts: Definitely Recommended

The PA Lottery and its website are well-thought-out and straightforward. You won’t be overwhelmed with unnecessary ads or pop-up menus. The site is designed so you have access to everything you may need and it still looks stylish. Their Welcome Bonus is standard, you can find it at any casino or lottery website. They could think of unique welcome offers in the future.

They could also work on their payment options. They should offer more withdraw options, not only three.  The category they are doing pretty well in is Customer Service. They have a stand-by team for any problems you may have and a ton of FAQs at the Help Center. All in all, PA lottery is a solid option for everyone who seeks simple online entertainment and gaming.

As far as lottery sites go, you would struggle to find one as diverse and comprehensive as the PA Lottery platform. As you can see throughout this review, the site has many different gaming options open to all members, and the fact that it even supports virtual sports betting is definitely a good sign. We love that even if you are new to online gaming, you won’t have a problem with using the site, and it is also friendly to those who only want to invest a little bit of money to get started.

Top Alternatives to PA Lottery 

The top 3 competitors of this Lottery are its most significant neighbors by state:  As good as the PA Lottery site is, it is only natural that some players might want to look for an alternative. This is why we have provided the top 3 competitors to the PA Lottery site for you below, and we have identified exactly what makes these sites appealing. Simply read on for full details. 

Delaware Lottery

They have a simple and attractive website, but that’s not all. They also offer more types of games and sports betting. The Delaware Lottery platform is definitely somewhat unique, much like the PA Lottery platform is. It has its own set of appealing features, and these include a sports lottery, video lottery, table games, and iGaming. Delaware Lottery also has quite an appealing welcome bonus, and it has its very own VIP rewards program, which shows that the bonuses are very similar to PA Lottery indeed. As a matter of fact, the Delaware Lottery site has a much greater range of games compared with PA lottery, which is why it is a great alternative. 

New York Lottery

This state lottery has more users, which means higher prices. Their customer service is outstanding, and their website is high-end. Another alternative that people could look for is the New York Lottery site. The funny thing about this site is that it appears to be solely focused on lottery games, rather than offer any other kind of gaming. While this is the case, we have to say that the actual performance and design of the website are much better than PA Lottery. It functions much better on the whole, and although you can only enter draw games from this website, it does have that feeling of being a very professional lottery platform to use. The obvious downside is that you cannot play some of the more exciting games that you can with PA Lottery. 

West Virginia Lottery

It has a modern interface combined with unique promotions. They can add more games to their collection. The third and final alternative to PA Lottery is the West Virginia Lottery site. This platform actually has a very similar range of games to PA Lottery, but it shows that they are competitive in the sense of what members can actually engage with. The platform supports draw games, instant games, scratchcards, and more, although the overall selection isn’t quite as diverse as with PA Lottery. On the plus side, the West Virginia Lottery site has many promotions that are currently available, and this is true for both new and existing customers. 

PA Lottery Bonus Code Validity: December